Frequently Asked Questions


I forgot my password, can you reset it?
CLICK HERE to email the scholarship manager to reset your password.

Your system says my challenge question is wrong, what do I do?
Make sure you only answer one challenge question. If you answer all or some, our system may say your answer is incorrect.

I can’t log into my account; can I send you my information through email instead?
No, we are only able to accept your information through the application portal.

How do I finish an application I started?


Do I need to finish my application in order to be considered for the scholarship award(s)? Yes, you need to complete your application in its entirety to be considered for a scholarship. If you do not complete your application, you will automatically be denied. 

How do I know when my application is complete or incomplete?
You will receive an email once your application has been marked complete or incomplete.

I only meet some of the criteria for a scholarship, will exceptions be made?
No, there will be no exceptions made. You must meet all the criteria listed in order to be eligible. 

I missed the deadline, can I still apply?
No, you are not able to apply if you missed the deadline. No exceptions will be made.

I started my application, but I didn’t finish uploading all the documents. The deadline has passed. Can I finish my application?
No, we cannot make any exceptions for late applications. Your incomplete application will automatically be denied.

Can a family member or friend apply on my behalf?
No, you must complete your own application.

Can a family member or friend call on my behalf for information or the status of my application?
Anybody can call for scholarship information, but if it is regarding an application we will kindly ask for the applicant to contact us. 

I don’t understand the application process. Can you help me?
We’d be more than happy to explain. CLICK HERE to email your questions to our scholarship manager.

I can’t upload the required documents to my application.
Make sure you click on the “details” button. It will take you to a page where you are able to upload the required documents.


How will I know if I’ve been chosen for a scholarship?
You be emailed if you won an award.  

How long will it take BRAF to notify me?
Each scholarship is different. It depends on when the scholarship committee meets to finalize their selections. Once we receive the recipient name(s), the Baton Rouge Area Foundation will notify the students as soon as possible.

Once I’ve been notified, when will I receive my award?
You will receive your award once you have sent in your official proof of enrollment letter from your school.

What is an official proof of enrollment letter or certificate?
An official proof of enrollment letter or certificate confirms you are enrolled in a specific semester as a full-time student. The letter or certificate must have a signature, logo or school’s official seal. A current enrollment verification certificate from the National Student Clearhouse is acceptable. A pre-registered or a letter of registration will not be accepted.

How do I get an official proof of enrollment letter or certificate from my school?
You must contact your school’s office of registrar for an official letter.  

Why do I need an official proof of enrollment letter from my school?
We need to be able to verify that you are enrolled for the semester that the award is given.

Can I send my transcript, class schedule, or invoice as my proof of enrollment?
No, we will not accept a transcript, class schedule, or an invoice as proof of enrollment. We will not accept anything but an enrollment verification confirming the semester you are enrolled in as a full-time student. 

Will my award be mailed to my school?
Your award will be mailed directly to the address you provided on your application, so make sure to always update any changes to your address in the student portal. The check will be addressed to both you and your school. It is then your responsibility to bring the check into your school’s financial aid office to be deposited. 

Can I email my proof of enrollment?
Yes, CLICK HERE to email the scholarship manager.

What happens if I have already paid my tuition at college? Can I still apply for a scholarship?
Yes. Scholarship checks will be made out to you and your college or university. When you receive your check, bring it to the registrar’s office or financial aid office and they will deposit it for you. If your account is already paid in full, they will usually write you a personal check. Please contact your school to verify. 


I’ve received this award in the past. How do I renew my scholarship?
Each scholarship has different requirements. CLICK HERE to view the list of scholarships, then select your scholarship and read the directions listed.